Samsung Flip

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Transform the Modern Meeting

The meeting is the foundation of today’s business world. It also can be one of its most challenging elements. Between preparing and moving supplies, finding a room and making sure every voice is heard, it’s easy for game-changing ideas to get lost in the process.

Introducing the Samsung Flip, an interactive display that drives more productive and efficient collaboration without the hassle. With the Samsung Flip, meetings can take place anywhere and at any time, with all vital elements included.

Business meeting logistics no longer need to be stressful. Envision how the Samsung Flip can help you and your team work smarter, faster and better.

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Flip Innovation

Whatever your collaborative needs, the Samsung Flip display can improve the quality of any meeting. See your ideas come to life in clear UHD picture quality. Activate the display through sensor recognition to ensure your meeting starts on time. And make any location a meeting space through a portable, wheel-based stand. Facilitators and participants can trust the Samsung Flip to enliven any conversation.

Flip Display

Samsung Flip presents all critical ideas in a clear and consistent format. Regardless of annotation size or style, the Flip display maintains brilliant, eye-friendly UHD picture quality. In turn, you and your colleagues can follow the conversation and remain engaged at all times.

Flip Touch

Samsung Flip is the ideal forum for simultaneous interaction. Up to four different meeting participants can make notes using the embedded pen or virtually any writing tool. Additionally, you can sync and control content from your personal device to the central screen for efficient collaboration.

Samsung Flip in Coimbatore

Flip Design

Whether for a quick discussion or lengthy presentation, meeting notation no longer needs to be uncomfortable. Customize and work within your ideal writing dimensions. Leverage the optimized pivot height to automatically align the Flip to an ideal level. Utilize the ergonomic 4.5 degree tilt in portrait mode for a more natural writing angle. And configure the display in portrait or landscape orientations to maximize available writing space.

Flip Solution

The workday is busy, and you cannot afford to lose any time. The Samsung Flip accommodates these demands and ensures that meetings start on time. Embedded sensors automatically activate the display when you approach or remove the pen from the holder. Samsung Flip also stores meeting notes in real-time, preventing the need to stop conversation to save each page.

Flip Experience

Take your traditional meeting to the next level. Through the Samsung Flip’s mobile connectivity, you can introduce images, charts or other essential files directly from your personal devices...all in a clear, easy-to-read format. Better yet, the Samsung Flip expands creativity without sacrificing comfort, providing the same familiar writing experience as that of a standard analog board or piece of paper. Expand your collaborative capabilities without losing the meeting essentials

Flip Notation

The Samsung Flip enables you and your colleagues to bring your unique style to the conversation. The display showcases smooth, fast writing in a variety of colors and depths, with compatibility for multiple writing tools. Need to erase a previous note? You can quickly clear either a small section or full screen worth of content using a hand swipe motion.

Flip Navigation

You and your colleagues no longer have to sort through stacks of paper charts to find specific ideas or conversations. Samsung Flip eliminates this tiresome process by housing all meeting notes in a central storage database, with convenient search and navigation functionalities capable of locating a specific item in seconds. Detailed previewing also shows how a recap will look before it is shared with live and remote participants.

Flip Presentation

The Samsung Flip offers added flexibility for a flawless presentation in any desired format. Regardless of huddle room dynamics, you and your colleagues can showcase content in portrait or landscape mode thanks to convenient pivot functionality. The Samsung Flip also upholds steady organization through clear page dividers, with the ability to quickly scroll through up 20 pages at a time.