Virtual Reality Solutions

Introducing the new standard in VR

Designed for what you do

From design concept to the showroom, create and manage workflows with better collaboration, reviews and experiences

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From high-risk safety simulations and maintenance procedures to soft skills like public speaking, VR enables 7X more retention than traditional lecture-style learning.

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VR takes immersive gaming to another level. From deep environmental interactions to puzzle solving. World exploration to visceral combat. Now you can be an active first-party participant in the game you’re playing.

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Exceptional combination of visuals and sound

Resolution,Lenses and Audio

Immerse yourself in ultra sharp visuals with mura-free, 2160 x 2160 LCD panels per eye and full RGB stripe. At 9.3 million pixels, get 2.5x more pixels than Oculus Rift S Get more clarity over the previous gen with new industry-leading lenses designed by Valve Get a high quality audio experience with industry-leading Valve speakers. They sit off the ear by 10mm, allowing you to have a more comfortable fit

A VR headset that adjusts to you

Interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment allows you  to adapt the width of the leanses for difference eye distance, so you get a perfect fit Increased cushion size allows for even weight distribution. Flex material and magnetic detachability  provide a custom fit, no matter your face shape or size Get more comfortable fit with speakers that sit off the ear by 10mm Connecting directly to the headset, our new  and improved 6 meter cable is thinner, lighter and longer then ever, allowing for more room to move freely

More cameras. Better tracking.

Now, track more movement over the previous generation with four cameras built into the headset And with a more ergonomic design, our controllers are more comfortable to hold onto Compatible across the industry With compatibility across both Steam VR and Windows Mixed Reality,access to everything VR is within reach. All with quick and painless setup

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We offer full-suit VR ready PCs

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